Peerspace Love - Kaare Iverson top portrait artist in San Francisco Bay Area!

Over the course of my photography career I’ve ended up a a little more multidisciplinary than I’d planned.  Falling into film production and now directing was never something I expected - though I love it and it consumes me now.  The same could be said for my secret side project, Sonoma Bottle, or of helping to shape the visual aesthetic of tech brands like,, or

Really I came into the world of content production hoping to be something between Jimmy Chin and Richard Avedon - I’ve always been pulled in these two different directions and that space between the two is where I’ve defined my own style.

For the last few years I’ve been receiving some recognition for the “Avedon” side of things (I don’t mean to sound so inflated as to actually compare myself to Avedon - it’s just a signpost to the portrait end of my work).  

Most recently Peerspace, my favorite location booking service, gave me a little love, ranking me in the top 3 portrait photographers in the Bay Area.  Thanks guys!

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