Award Winning Director & Photographer based in San Francisco, CA - specializing in Active Lifestyle, Fitness, and Portrait photography.

My name is Kaare Iverson and I’m a Canadian-born director & photographer based in San Francisco, California. I was named after a boat that was named after a boat, and all three of us pronounce our name "kori".  Growing up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest inspired an intimate relationship with nature which is a theme I now explore through film and photography.  I'm proud to say that my work in both still and video has been recognized by multiple awards.

I was taught that you simply can’t force things - that life has a way of refining you into what you are innately built to do. In this life I have tried to be a little bit of everything; teacher, chef, web-designer, climber-bum, writer, etc... But I’ve always had the storytelling power of photography there with me, pulling at my sleeve, directing me through it all.  I am, innately, a photographer. 

I use photography to tell compelling stories at the intersection of human ingenuity and the natural world.

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