Sonoma County Wine Growers Ad Campaign

Over the last couple years I’ve been working with San Francisco based agency Siegel & Gale to produce and shoot a multi ad campaign for Sonoma County Wine Growers Association.  The ad concept was to highlight multi generational families who’ve been land stewards and wine grape growers in a style appeared editorial and authentic.  By working with the families directly before the shoots we were able to develop realistic vignettes based on each family’s unique history and daily experience.  

I’ve really enjoyed working on this project because it exists right at the intersection of commercial and editorial photography.  Working in this space is something that I’ve had a lot of experience in over the years shooting in the outdoor recreation and fitness industry, but what was uniquely lovely in this job was that the process was so fully collaborative with the subjects - we didn’t push for anything other than what felt like absolute honesty and reality from them and I think that really shines through in the work.  

Being able to set reality into motion, but have enough production oversight to direct and block and light scenes within that reality has been a splendid experience.  Despite the extensive pre-production and lighting magic, each ad feels authentic.

These ads have run nationally in print publications including Food & Wine.

Siegel & Gale recently posted about their experience with the campaign on their site.  You can read more about it here:


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