Telluride Mountain Film Festival WIN (for Equal Footing)

Oh my, am I ever psyched about this one.

Our documentary film, Equal Footing, just won in the Seven Summits Awards for Documentary at it’s premier festival, the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.  That sentence is a mouthful.

It’s a huge honor to receive this laurel from the festival that premiered our film.  We got a lot of positive feedback after the first viewing, including my favorite bit of praise for which there is sadly no graphic award:  Lynn Hill personally thanked us (4 dudes) for making a film about women in the alpine.  I was honestly so nervous that our perspective as males would obstruct a film about the female experience of alpinism (admittedly, pretty niche), but Lynn’s love made it all better…and since then the film has gone on to tour with countless festivals around the world.

Keep an eye out for our web release of the film if you haven’t caught it already - and I look forward to sharing about our next big adventure in film (which may or may not have to do with a certain range in British Columbia ;)).

PDN - Behind the Scenes of the Outdoor Industry Photo Department

I was excited to receive a flood of emails last week from fellow creatives that had caught my work on the PDN blog.  The magazine did a feature on photographers in the outdoor industry - who’s getting hired and why.  I’m honored to have been noted by one of my great clients, Osprey packs. 

I’ve done a lot of work for the company over the years that’s ranged from wild, backcountry adventures (including the award-winning documentary in my last post) to the urban fringe of San Francisco (as mentioned in the PDN article).  It’s great to work with a client that trusts me to deliver a solid job at all elevations between 0 and 15,000’ :)

Just keeping the hustle alive I guess.

VIMFF Finalist for Equal Footing!

I am beyond proud to announce that our film Equal Footing has been accepted as a finalist into one of my absolute favourite film festivals, The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival!  This isn’t the first laurel this film has received but it’s one that really hits home for me.

Making this film with Osprey Packs was an incredible journey that involved horse packing into Wyoming’s Wind River Range and working with, perhaps, the most incredible crew I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot with…it also set in motion the establishment of our team’s production company which I’ll be talking more about soon.

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