Faraday Bikes & Feral Wetsuit Video

Pretty thrilled to announce the launch of a video project that I completed for San Francisco based Faraday Bikes recently.  They’ve had a rather exciting acquisition by PON and needed content that was deeply ”lifestyle” for a marketing initiative.  Faraday already has a ton of beautiful assets to sell their beautiful bikes from, but this was a call for something really conceptual.  We met up at their office to chat about the kinds of people that use their product and what their product does for their consumers.  The take away was that the Faraday pedal assist bike isn’t just about commuting - it’s about accessing life.  Eventually we drilled down to a collaboration with a startup friend of theirs over at Feral Wetsuits.

We put together a rather aggressive plan to produce this short video, as well as a full shot list of photography.  We brought on a trusty creative friend of my to DP the video portion and I put on my director cap while also shooting all the photography.  It was an enormous day and we pulled a ton of amazing content out of every scrap of sunshine we got that day (I have the lingering farmer’s tan to prove it).

I hope you all enjoy this quirky little look at the life of Alex from Feral:


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